Career Profile

Senior software engineer and technology enthusiast, currently working as a full stack developer. Daily dealing with performance challenges, scalability, security, and application resilience and always seeking to learn more and more.


Sr. Full Software Engineer

2021 - Present
Uber, São Paulo - SP

Sr Software Engineer at uber. Working with Safety & Insurance tools for riders and drivers from over 60 countries.

Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer

2018 - 2021, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Full Stack developer at Working with highly relevant projects dealing with performance, scalability and resiliency challenges. Cases: Voting Platform (used in reality shows), Reputation System, Comments Platform, Thumbor (Image As A Service), among others.

Software Developer

2015 - 2018
Naturals Consultoria, Palmas - TO

Applications for the Tecnova program of the Federal Government. Development of a platform for managing city halls, city councils, agencies and public bodies in general. Development of the ecological ICMS platform for municipalities in the state of tocantins.

Software Analyst / Developer

2007 - 2016, Paraíso do Tocantins - TO

One of the biggest news portals in northern Brazil. Project developed from conception to completion. In addition to dealing with all infrastructure, security, monitoring and maintenance of the systems.


XDetran - XDetran is an application available for Android and iOS that brings with it a set of questions for the study the theoretical test applied by the Detran (State Department of Transit) in all brazilian territory.
XBus - XBus is an application that allows bus companies to provide their schedules to their users from a mobile application.
Teech - A site focused on technology using CakePHP as a framework, along with this, several plugins were developed for the platform with the intention of reuse in other projects.
Consulta Placas Detran - TO - The Consultation Placas Detran - Tocantins allows you to consult the basic vehicles information like fines, notices and restrictions.
XFeed It is a complete restaurant management application. Its portfolio includes: Web Application, Mobile Application, Extensions for browsers, Desktop Applications for printing, among others.
Polo Ticker Chrome Extension The Polo Ticker extension allows you to be notified in real time of all your buy and sell orders that are held on Poloniex Exchange. In addition, it allows you to follow the market and your wallet in real time.
GPS63 Project focused on advertising and marketing for companies. Using CakePHP as a framework and Bootstrap concepts in the view layer.
Trhimil Website and complete management system for artesian wells.

Talks and publications

[Instructor] Mini-Course Mobile Hybrid Development using IONIC

Apr 2017 - Mobile Hybrid Development Mini-Course using IONIC, taught at the Catholic University of Tocantins in Technological Week II, aimed to present the main differences between mobile, hybrid and web apps. The focus of the mini-course is to demonstrate the scenarios in which hybrid applications can best be employed in addition to developing a small application as an example. It used Ubuntu, Sublime Text and NodeJS as a development environment in addition to the Ionic Framework and Cordova for the creation of the application.

[Instructor] Mini-Course Web Application Development with Java and PrimeFaces.

Oct 2016 - The Mini-Course of Web Application Development with Java and PrimeFaces aims to present the main components that help in the development of web applications in both the open-source software segment and commercial software. In order to present this course in an objective and didactic way, we intend to teach some programming logic resources with Java 8 using the JSF 2.0 Web Framework, using web graphics with the PrimeFaces library and for persistence of data in one MySQL local database with the JPA EclipseLink (ORM) library.

[Speaker] Ionic Framework.

Oct 2017 - Lecture for the students of the University of Tocantins with the purpose of demonstrating the potential of the Ionic Framework for the development of hybrid applications.

[Speaker] Thumbor: Performance and scalability with intelligent image processing.

Apr 2019 [Python Sudeste - ES] | Apr 2019 [Caypira - SP] / Jun 2019 [TDC - BH] - Thumbor is an open source project that was born at to process intelligently and serve more than 1 billion images per month. In addition to being highly extensible and scalable, Thumbor was developed in python, has a set of libraries compatible with different languages and a very active community.

[Publication] Low-cost optical sensors for environmental monitoring: Application in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Nov 2015 - Humanidades & Inovação Magazine - Environmental monitoring is something that has been attracting increasing interest, especially in arid (cerrado) regions, where there are seasonal periods of drought and there is a constant incidence of fires, generating problems for the health and safety of the population . This work accomplishes the analysis of optical sensor (camera) of low cost, for installation in a UAV to be used in situations of environmental monitoring by the Fire Department and civil defense agencies.


Relacional/Non-Relational Databases
Ionic Framework
Git / SVN